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Among the most exclusive resorts of Romagna we find the historical Rimini, which boasts a wealth of architectural and artistic heritage, monuments and works of art from different times, bearing witness to over two thousand years of history.

From Roman monuments to the murals dedicated to the great director Federico Fellini, Rimini is a city full of charm and fascination to be experienced throughout the year.
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The charm of the hinterland

The gentle hills of Romagna are ideal for an excursion outside the city, in a few kilometers you can reach characteristic villages full of history.
South of Rimini we find the Conca Valley or Valconca.
Going up from the sea to the hinterland the first we meet is Gradara, here you can admire the beautiful castle and the village that were the setting for the love story of Paolo and Francesca.
Leaving Gradara behind, we find Saludecio, an interesting medieval village of the Malatesta Seignory called "the balcony on the Adriatic" for its picturesque view over the whole of Rimini.
To visit the sanctuary of the Blessed Amato and the exhibition about Garibaldi.
Another suggestive village is certainly Mondaino, which reserves many surprises: such as the beautiful circular square.

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The beauty of the village is combined with the tasting of the precious pit cheese, a typical product of the area.
The enchanting urban setting is the ideal stage for a series of medieval festivals such as the Palio del Daino (Deer Festival) which takes place every year at the end of August.
On the border with the Marche region is Montegridolfo, the last outpost of the Malatesta dynasty.
This magnificent castle was renovated in the 90s by the famous fashion designer Alberta Ferretti and houses the Museum of the Gothic Line.
Finally, Montefiore, the medieval capital of the Conca Valley, is one of the most intact and fascinating towns of the Malatesta Lordship with its powerful fortress, the symbol of Malatesta power over the entire valley. It offers a breathtaking view from the Apennines to the sea.
It is one of the 200 most beautiful villages in Italy, according to the Touring Club, to see certainly the Sanctuary of Bonora.

From Roman monuments to the murals dedicated to the great director Federico Fellini, Rimini is a city full of charm and fascination to be experienced throughout the year.
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North of Rimini we find the Valmarecchia, with San Leo perched on a huge rocky boulder with a single road to access it, Santarcangelo where we can find the oldest ironing mangle in Italy dating back to 1633.
Casteldeci home of Tonino Guerra and finally we find one of the oldest republics in the world, San Marino, which has preserved much of its ancient architecture.
Known for its medieval old town surrounded by walls and cobbled streets.
You can sightsee all this either on your own or with Celestino. who will be happy to take you to discover these fascinating valleys with our shuttle.
But our location also allows you to easily reach the amusement parks, Fiabilandia on foot in 10 minutes, or by public transport or car in a short time you can reach Oltremare, Aquafan, Italy in Miniature and the Aquarium of Cattolica.

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